Charleston Property Management Services

Charleston residents and vacation homeowners are fortunate people. Charleston and it’s surrounding areas are quite breathtaking in their beauty and history. Kiawah and Seabrook Islands are a perfect example of how beautiful the coast of South Carolina has remained since the beginning of our country. Residents and absentee homeowners need to maintain their properties with diligence and care in this beautiful, sub-tropical environment. Avalon Home Management, Inc. offers services that go beyond typical property management. Team Avalon is prepared for the challenges presented by the uniqueness of this area be it Downtown Charleston, Kiawah or Seabrook Islands. In addition, we are dedicated to the needs of each individual client as they are as unique as their properties.

Kiawah and Seabrook Island Beach Homes

Kiawah Island is Charleston’s jewel for beach homes. These homes provide views that are nothing short of spectacular. However, the moisture and salt air are simply brutal on these majestic properties. The exteriors of the homes in their entirety are significantly impacted: wood and painted surfaces, door and window hardware, lighting, siding, even porch furniture. Team Avalon is fully aware of the maintenance required to not only keep these homes operating properly but to preserve their aesthetics. The time expended to maintain these properties can be overwhelming for a vacationing homeowner, effectively eliminating the “vacation.” Avalon Home Management can assure the homeowner that time spent in their vacation home is just that: VACATION.