Team Avalon Subcontractors

To provide professional and knowledgeable solutions to home management and personal needs, Avalon Home Management draws upon a superlative array of resources garnered through time-established working relationships. From building contractors and craftsmen, to architects and interior designers, to gourmet chefs and caterers, Avalon has dealt with each and every one. That translates into client advocacy based upon experience.

Avalon works with a consistent stable of subcontractors with proven track records. We have worked with the same plumbing, electrical and HVAC subs for 5 years and counting. Our housekeeping subcontractor has been with us for 3 years. These subcontractors understand the dual concepts of service and professionalism. Timeliness is a standard expectation. Accountability is an absolute. In addition, we require all of our subcontractors to have Workmen’s Compensation and General Liability insurances.

When working with a new client we do not expect to end any working relationships that the client may have with their established subcontractors. However, once Avalon is managing the home those same subs must perform to our standards. Should they consistently prove incapable of maintaining those standards, we will contact the client and recommend another subcontractor. In our experience that recommendation always results in a satisfied client.