Weekly Home Inspection

We offer a weekly home inspection service that will provide you with a sense of security as an absentee homeowner. Another pair of discriminating eyes to look at your home as only a homeowner can… until now.

Inspections include both the interior and exterior of your home as well as the grounds.  You will be notified of anything out of the ordinary in addition to recommendations for preventative measures.  Charges will be assessed upon the evaluation of the home and it’s systems.  This evaluation is based upon size, complication of systems and their accessibility.


Check water heaters.
Change air filters monthly or as needed.
Change burned out bulbs as needed.
Flush all toilets.
Monitor operation of refrigerator.
Turn off icemaker upon departure.
Turn on prior to arrival.
Empty refrigerator of all perishable items after client departure.
Monitor all sinks and garbage disposal areas for leaks.
Check for signs of leakage in ceilings, sky lights and window areas.
Ensure items such as garbage disposal, garage doors and elevator are in working order.
Note any moisture in AC vents and around air handlers.
Monitor thermostat.  Set range from 78 degrees in the summer to 60 in the winter.
Check breaker box for tripped breakers.
Ensure security system operable and all windows and doors are secure.
If applicable, start car and drive to keep battery charged.
Drop off any received packages.
Bring in any packages delivered to home.  Open and distribute as requested. (Additional charge may apply.)
Water plants.
Bring in mail.  Notify client of any relevant mail received.
Activate pool heater several days prior to arrival.
Upon departure, ensure house is secure by checking all windows and doors.
Close all drapes and/or shutters upon departure to ensure no fading of upholstery or rugs.


Walk exterior to assess general condition.
Visually inspect and monitor areas around windows, doors and decks for wood rot, noting any areas that may need maintenance or repairs.
Note presence of insects and pests attached to house.


Walk grounds to assess general condition.
Monitor condition of plants and shrubs.
Note condition of potted plants.
Water as directed by client.
Note any felled limbs or branches.
Make note of any area that needs attention such as pruning or weeding.

Your house will be stocked with indoor/outdoor light bulbs and filters for the HVAC system.
You will be charged for the cost of the materials plus a stocking fee.

Please refer to our section on “Home Maintenance” for all services outside the scope of the Weekly Inspection.
See the “Personal Services” section for all services outside the scope of the home maintenance services.