South Carolina Property Management

Although Avalon does not offer our management services outside of Charleston, South Carolina we do recognize that these are services for the greater part of the state and, therefore, are most likely to be used by corporations and business owners. Businesses associated with shipping, distribution, tourism, and travel associations would naturally gravitate toward Charleston (for a business address) and Kiawah/ Seabrook Islands (for residence). Any business concern looking at South Carolina would be attracted by our low taxes and favorable business climate. Charleston’s port is the 4th largest in the United States in terms of daily tonage. A majority of the southeast’s hard goods shipped to the U.S. from abroad make their way into the U.S. by way of Charleston Harbor.

Charleston and Kiawah Island Properties

Charleston is termed “America’s most historic city” and its place as a U.S. tourist destination is rivaled only by New York and San Francisco. Travel Associations buy and rent properties on Kiawah and Seabrook Islands and the historic Peninsula for their members. These properties must be maintainied to the high standards of those members.